“I was born in the Engadin region and for as long as I can remember have been intrigued and interested in people who have built a legacy and made a difference in society. In this respect, I joined forces with Christina on the idea of bringing the “Urban Gurus’ Circle” to life for executives who – through their own know-how, wisdom and courage – have the potential to inspire, so that people who work with them can develop and explore their own full potential.”

Christian is the owner of Haas Associates, an executive search firm specializing in asset management. Christian holds a BBA with a specialization in marketing from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich (HWZ). He is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA). His profound interest in the interpersonal dynamics of corporate environments led him to earn a master’s degree in Coaching and Consulting for Change at INSEAD.



“Having lived in various countries and explored many paths in life, I found my true purpose in polishing my own lamp in order to serve as a light for others. It gives me great joy to learn and to discover myself and to see growth, development and success around me. Together with my colleagues, we support humans to become inspirational, powerful, fulfilled and successful leaders, creating harmonious and sustainably performing environments, thereby adding value and growth to their companies and lives. In Christian I have found a soulmate sharing the same goals and vision. Our purpose is to light the spark in others to realize their utmost potential with courage, love and purpose.”

Christina founded her own company “choice” over a decade ago after having served in executive, managerial and entrepreneurial roles for many years in a variety of industries, including music. She holds a BA in Economics, an MBA from INSEAD and an MS from HEC in coaching and consulting for change. Her psychological training covers hypno-systemic coaching, neuroimagination, neurofeedback, process and embodiment-focused psychotherapy.