The Urban Guru circle consists of a selected number of CEOs, C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs who crave and follow a credible vision, purpose and legacy; this for themselves and for the organizations they lead.

An Urban Guru creates and follows his/her vision and is willing to deviate from conventional methods, readily takes on the seemingly endless series of hurdles and roadblocks, and continues confidently and with courage towards his/her goal. To accomplish this goal it is often inevitable for Urban Gurus to leave the world of certainty and comfort. This journey asks to surrender one’s present self, and to step outside of familiar paradigms. With this focus and state of mind, Urban Gurus begin to see the world differently, wider, more efficiently and with more opportunities. Success begins to breed success and ultimately provides and unprecedented surge of drive and energy!

The challenge though is, that this new way of thinking lies beyond the comfort zone and certainty. It is here, in this highly developmental and explorative area that, among other things, the value of the circle kicks in by having access to a strong network of like-minded and trusted fellow leaders to share the experience and the journey and live according to the principles and values one has embraced.


Each of us has the potential to change the world. Because the price of change is so high, only few take on the challenge – thus, embracing the venture is a core characteristic of an “Urban Guru”. Your spot in the limelight and being a role model provides the opportunity to define and live towards a legacy that will influence many people and career paths, depending on how you choose to engage with your environment.

The decisions we make about our journeys determine how our self is aligned with our surrounding environment. A key to successful leadership is continuous and personal change. This requires that we do an “unnatural” thing by consciously and frequently taking an unusual, broader and more courageous perspective.

When successful, this process alters our original frameworks and our original self. We become highly aligned, successful, empowered and able to help and inspire others – the key leadership trait and mindset of an “Urban Guru”.