Are you a leader?

Where do you go when you are overwhelmed, confused, insecure or challenged?

For centuries leaders go to wise gurus, priests and wizards who offer some general insights from their secluded lives detached from the real world. This is not us.

Our approach is to take you and your organization on a journey and develop your own wisdom, draw your own map, and walk your own path.

The Urban Guru
The Urban Guru is a coach, teacher and student fully embedded in today’s reality.

She or he is an accomplished, self-centered, mindful, and focused human being, ready to challenge and be challenged, open to learn and ready to change the world.

We invite everybody to join and become an Urban Guru.

The Approach

Our approach is a journey.

A journey we walk with you. Or help you start. Or step into at various crossroads or turning points.

We apply state-of-the-art teaching and coaching methodology. What differentiates us is our clear-headed, long-term view and targeted interventions when you think they are needed most. And if you wish, we give you direct and honest feedback or provide you with our own fact-based, rational and grounded viewpoint.

The Platform

We invite everybody to join and become an Urban Guru and even faculty. For professional coaches and trainers, we provide a platform to follow their passion and join us!

A good way to start is to come to one of our events and attend our signature retreat.

Please contact us under

The Community

Urban Gurus form a distinct group of people. We regularly meet, share ideas, challenge each other, and learn from one another.

The Community is self-governed and run through an association.

Members must join our landmark retreat in the Engadine region.

Please contact us for more information and obtaining a personal invitation

The Team

Christian Haas

Co-Founder of Urban Gurus, runs an executive search company focused on investment management ( and is a passionate mountain hiker.

Oliver Banz

Co-Founder of Urban Gurus, was an attorney and strategy consultant and is now a corporate banking executive with Credit Suisse, and holds a 5th dan black belt in Karate ( .

Christina Künzle

Co-Founder of Urban Gurus, is a former executive of a listed industrial company, a top-rated coach for the last 20 years ( and a lover of the arts and classical music .

The Story

In 2017 Christian and Christina felt the need to gather like-minded senior businesspeople and create a network and provide a platform for managers and leaders with high integrity who wanted to make a difference, follow their passion, and pursue a purposeful live while continuing to learn and improve. Together with Oliver, they created Urban Gurus, and follow a clear vision:

The profit-oriented business stays at the center but is run by, with, and for people who follow the highest moral and ethical standards, act responsibly, are aware of where they come and want to go, and are eager to create a sense of purpose and belonging.

Urban Gurus Ltd.
Kämbelgasse 4
8001 Zurich
Telephone: +41 44 361 11 33