Healthy and strong decision-makers create added value for themselves and others.

Since 2017, we have been supporting C-level decision-makers, boards and their organizations to align corporate success with personal ambitions.


When your body, mind and senses are “fit” and “in tune”, you work to your full potential. We focus on the connecting and balancing synergies of physical health and mental maturity.

Our values and code of conduct are geared towards mountain camaraderie. This is based on voluntariness but requires a binding sense of community. As in the mountains, the interpersonal bond should remain unbroken.

Nature and the mountains are a relevant working and resonance space for us. This setting makes it possible to disentangle the complexity of day-to-day business and work and pinpoint the actual issues involved.

For us, the prerequisite for cooperation is the definition of a clearly defined goal. We focus on the measurability of results.


Our principles and convictions are:

  1. We are impact- and results-oriented. Results are the proof of performance for you and us.
  2. We simplify and reduce complexity. We create clarity so that we can work on the crux of the matter and challenge.
  3. Before we start implementing the project, we first lay the foundations for developing and carrying out the solution.
  4. We are always appreciative of the “as-is” situation. This is also the key to success.
  5. Successful results for yourself and others are achieved when physical strength goes hand in hand with mental maturity.

    As a decision-maker, you are at your best when your body, mind and senses are in the best possible harmony.


    It is not unusual for potential or situation-based tension to arise in everyday (professional) life. Our added value: We develop solutions to navigate this conflict of objectives in the best possible way. The goal is a sustainable and healthy surplus of resources.

    We focus on physical activity outdoors to tackle top-heavy, intra- or interpersonal dynamics. In a customized setting through our facilitation, this offers the opportunity to step out of familiar or unfamiliar patterns. Gaining new perspectives while obtaining clarity: equally key in addressing the questions that need clarification to pursue and achieve the real contributive goal.

    Physical health:

    Physical activity has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. These include the cardiovascular system, metabolism, the immune system, hormones, and the nervous system. A physically improved state of fitness has a positive influence on self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy. In plain language: We all feel healthier, more resilient and more balanced after physical exercise. We use these positive effects to achieve the best possible state in order to tackle the actual mental or top-heavy issues.

    Mental maturity:

    By mental fitness, we mean above all a healthy inner balance with oneself and the world. To maintain this state whenever possible requires a dedicated understanding of one’s own patterns, drivers and motivators.

    To live up to our service promise, we have a dedicated team with a network of specialists from all these relevant areas.


    The strategic and quantitative goals of an organization are clearly defined.

    If these “hard factors” are tackled as a leader or as an entire organization with a negative energy balance, this results in an energy or resource deficit that cannot be used to achieve the actual objectives. This is where we come in and develop targeted solutions.

    A clearly formulated definition of objectives is one of the most important criteria in a collaboration. The duration of a program is defined on this basis. The physically active components like exercise –mainly in nature and/or the mountains – serve to achieve optimum access to new thought processes for the actual question. Simply put, and as Nietzsche said: “All truly great thoughts come to you while walking.” We make good use of this advantage.

    To differentiate ourselves: we are not fitness trainers but stand for the positive effects of exercise in nature and/or the mountains. The physical activities are individually tailored to your preferences, ideas, and our recommendations. You can choose from walking, hiking, trail running, cross-country skiing, snowshoe tours, ski tours or mountain tours.

      If the following topics appeal to you and seem relevant, then we would be your potential sparring partner:

        • Turnaround of an organization
        • Pre-acquisition/Post-merger integration
        • Turning barriers into opportunities
        • The enduring imperative to reinvent
        • Meet and exceed growth expectations
        • Leadership and the workplace
        • Compatibility of private and professional projects

        We have been holding our Urban Gurus retreats in the Engadin region at regular intervals since 2017.


        Three exclusive days for addressing personal questions in dialog with a hand-picked group. A meeting place: Exploring with no limits and an opportunity to confirm what already exists, blaze new trails or pave the way for something entirely different.

        Frequently mentioned take-aways from retreat participants include inspiration, networking, energy and satisfaction.


        Christian Haas

        Christian is the founder of Urban Gurus. He previously worked in asset management, holds an Executive Master in Consulting & Coaching for Change from INSEAD and has trained as a systemic coach at the Milton Erickson Institute in Heidelberg. Christian obtained a BA in Business Administration and has completed the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst training.

        Christian is currently training to become a hiking guide with the Swiss Mountain Guide Association and lives in Pontresina.

        Pierino Giuliani

        Pierino has been a mountain guide since 1987 and was born in Cavaglia, a small village at the foot of Piz Palü. Pierino was an instructor in the training of Swiss mountain guides, President of the Pontresina-St. Moritz Mountain Guide Association, the Mountain Guide Association of the Canton of Graubünden and the Swiss Mountaineering School Pontresina.

        Pierino lives with his family in Puschlav.

        Dr. Roberto Rivola

        Roberto is one of the world’s best trail running experts. He is a certified Swiss Athletics expert for mountain running and trail running and has years of experience in mountain, stage and desert running. As a coach, Roberto has a unique way of combining the physical element with the topic of self-awareness. He has spent his professional career in communications, setting up and managing communications services in the federal administration, at the UN and for international sporting events (including the World Bike Championships, World Cycling Championships, World Ski Championships and Freestyle World Championships).

        Roberto is the owner of, Sports & Communications and lives in La Punt Chamues-ch.

        Moreno Beti

        Moreno Beti has been working in the tourism and public transit sectors in management position for many years. As a native of the Engadine, he grew up in Pontresina – born with a passion for nature and sports. Moreno is well connected in the region and thus able to satisfy any customer wishes.

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