Retreat – Pontresina / March 25th – 28th 2020
Retreat – Pontresina / June 17th – 20th 2020 
Retreat – Pontresina / September 23th – 26th 2020


The “Urban Gurus-Retreats” embrace a holistic approach. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 12 leaders per retreat in order to guarantee intimacy and intensity. Target participants are C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists and sports people. In short: people who resume responsibility, are role-models for others, want to initiate and move things, create sustainable value and commit to following their highest consciousness at all times. Nevertheless, throughout the retreat we focus on the human being rather than the role and function.

The main topics are:
- Finding your personal vision and eventually link it to the company vision
- Embracing your personal purpose and if meaningful link it to a larger purpose
- Defining the legacy you want to leave behind, the impact you want to have in your environment and the influence you wish to exert on the people in your area.

We highlight these topics in a number of ways:
- Reflective periods
- Small group discussions in pairs or threesomes
- Plenary discussions
- Exercises that engage the limbic brain and make thoughts visible and concrete
- Walks in nature
- Light-hearted dinners

Having fun and enjoying a good lifestyle in the mountains of the Engadin - which in itself is a source of inspiration and power - is equally important. Weather permitting, we spend as much time in nature as possible. The small group of like-minded people and the guidance of experienced coaches facilitates and ensures maximal potential for transformation and change.

The retreat, which takes place in Pontresina, lasts for 3 days. It starts in the early evening on Wednesdays and finishes late afternoon on Saturdays.


Please contact Christian Haas or Christina Kuenzle for more information and obtaining a personal invitation.


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