Désirée von Michaelis

Head Wealth Planning, Credit Suisse; lic. oec. HSG

«The retreat is a valuable opportunity, over a few days, to systematically address questions on one’s mind, without the intrusion of daily life, and to reflect on them with a group of very experienced and highly competent conversation partners. What impressed me is how quickly one develops trust with each other and how much one can learn from the varied paths and mindsets of participants.

Thanks to the Urban Gurus network, back in daily life I’ve access to a group of inspiring «real live» Gurus and kindred spirits with whom I can exchange very openly and constructively about challenges and solutions.»

Stephan Gautschi

Chief Operating Officer, Open Systems AG; Electrical Engineer ETH

«As the COO of a globally active IT security operation the first retreat gave me highly interesting insights into management levels in other industries. The Urban Gurus team enabled me to discuss current and relevant topics in a safe setting, with the group acting as sparring partner and supporter to find solutions.

In my leadership role colleagues have to trust and follow me. Only teams with common aims and values achieve their full performance potential. The culture in my company is therefore characterized by positive human values combined with clear business targets that need to be achieved.»

Dr. Karen J. Huebscher

CEO Solvias AG; Board Director, Tecan; PhD Molecular Genetics ETH Zurich; MBA IMD

«The retreat was an open and warm exchange between special individuals who follow their own ways that don’t necessarily correspond to standard career paths. It’s not a question of what the network offers me, but rather what I as an individual can contribute. And, whatever I bring in, comes back in spades thanks to the openness of others.»

Oliver Banz

Sygnum Bank, Head of Business; Dr. iur., Zurich University; MBA, University of Chicago

«Urban Gurus is a group of leaders that intensively consider what is going on around them so they can become even more effective in their job, and who, beyond that, also aspire to a fulfilled life. It’s always beneficial to take a few days to look inward. Especially the mountains help to see everything from another perspective. Thinking about oneself and the world in an exchange with like-minded individuals creates a bond and naturally one wants to continue the contact.

For me, Urban Gurus are leaders who work at having a fulfilled life and who are managers and individuals looking beyond what their rank and position bring.»

Elena Szederjei

CFO and board member, CND AG; www.cnd-ag.ch. Sustainopreneur with engagements in the sustainability area; Dr. oec. HSG; MA in Economics and in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

«An Urban Gurus retreat represents a new era of recuperation. It offers not only physical relaxation thanks to the Engadine’s unique nature, the gentle movement and meditation practice, the pampering with delicious food, but also optimum mental regeneration and strengthening via interactive reflection on one’s own life, on business management, on their meaningfulness and their sustainability.

Facilitation by experienced and wise moderators established a group dynamic that permitted the creativity of each participant to unfold. Everyday life will be sustained long after by an upbeat and sunny disposition. Membership in the Urban Gurus network is not only an indication of quality that denotes a high level of professionality, it also confirms the sense of responsibility and awareness of its members. A careful and individualized applicant selection process helped craft group membership. The opportunity for an open and active exchange offers support in demanding business situations and motivates one to further development.»